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Sheds, Gazebos, Garages, etc.

In addition to functionality, outbuildings can offer a lot of character to your yard. Depending on your needs, sheds, garages and barns can be built either simply or with style.

A gazebo can offer an inviting place to frequent in your yard. They can be large enough to stage a banquet, or intimate enough for relaxing in solitude.

We have a wealth of experience and ideas to make the most of your small buildings. This gazebo was constructed rather economically, yet is rather fancy in it's design.


This one car garage below was built to look like a rustic barn. Everything, including the cupola on the roof was built by us from scratch.

Handcrafted Cupola

This shed/carport below was constructed almost entirely from rough sawn lumber from Satterwhite log homes in Gunnison, Utah. It was constructed using board and batten, the same technique that was used to build many of the centuries old barns across the country. It is a solid building that if properly cared for, should last for many decades to come.

rough sawn shed/garage shed details interior of rough sawn shed

window side of shed interior of carport


This board and batten shed below was constructed almost entirely from old barn wood. The original shed where most of the wood came from was actually a part of an even older barn. Only the rafters are new in the new shed. The door on the restored shed below is from the original barn.

before picture of shed after picture of shed
Before picture of shed After picture of rebuilt shed.

Old barn door used on shed

The picture below shows a newly constructed shed using lap siding from an old shed. The porch was constructed using rough sawn lumber obtained from Satterwhite log homes. The posts were from an old house that had been torn down. When finished, this shed will also have a railing and fret work around the porch.

shed with old lap siding shed porch